Our approach and process is this...
We are consultative in providing marketing solutions to you or in support of your client's needs. This means that we want to know about your marketing objectives, strategies and brand positioning so that we are truly on your team of solution providers. We care about your experience in our events and your outcomes.

Building Partnerships
Beyond exhibit space, banners and logos, there's creating the experience. Partnership opportunities involve participating in the creating of a complete, active and engaging visitor experience designed to maximize your exposure to key markets. Whether visitors interact with your product, take away samples or meet with you face to face, your sponsorship opportunity will be custom crafted to meet your specific objectives.

Rates for some of the marketing initiatives currently available.
Interactive Exhbitors Listing  $99.00 (mandatory)
Banner in one (1) email blast  $299,00
Banner in three (3) email blasts  $750,00
Floor Plan Logo  $400,00
Parking visibility - Front building  $1 850,00
Web Banner  $1 500,00
Aerial Visibility  $500,00

For more details or discussions on a sponsorpship program, please contact the Ottawa Home & Garden Show or visit the Marketplace Events corporate site for more info and to see our event schedule, MarketplaceEvents.com.

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