Dutch Green

Booth: 832
1 Calaveras Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario k2j 4z8

We are a construction company well known for our outstanding landscaping and construction services. IN the last couple years we have promoted our landscape visions.

How ever Dutch Green has done a wide variety of construction type of jobs, residential and commercial. We have installed parks and park features as well as being involved in historical renovations.

Lately we have requests for home renovations through out the Ottawa area.

We try our best to have our team busy through out the year with different types of projects (winter doing renovations and summer doing landscaping and construction). Architectural success and project management is based on education, personal interest, and time spent in the trade. Proven experience is the ultimate defining factor. For the past 48 years Nico (owner of dutch green) has worked on building his company from the ground up into what it is today.