Suncoast Enclosures

Booth: 1421
116 Willowlea Road
Carp, ON K0A 1L0

Suncoast Enclosures are the ultimate in outdoor living comfort. Engineered to withstand the heaviest of snow loads, our unique frame system is constructed of high quality, powder coated aluminum. The result is a durable, maintenance free enclosure.This highly adaptable system allows us to custom build the perfect enclosure for your favorite outdoor space. We offer a choice or combination of screen, polycarbonate roof, or 3 season windows, we also offer a movable louvered roof, to replace a pergola. New this year, Suncoast Enclosures also has introduced its own retractable Screens and Vinyl walls. We can enclose virtually anything- from the smallest front porch to the largest backyard pool. Now you can have effective protection against insects, wind, excessive sun, leaves, rain, and snow.

Enjoy better outdoor living by letting Suncoast Enclosures enhance your favorite outdoor spaces.

Fill out a lead-card at the show to receive a 10% discount and place a deposit to secure 2019 pricing for 2020.